Project Scope

A new off grid system was designed for the Oana residense in Wailuku, Maui. Construction and permit documentation and specifications were provided. System includes inverters, battery chargers, batteries, LPG generator, LPG tank and roof top photovoltaic modules.

System Description

Magna Sine Seres inverters with we used and can produce a peak output of 18KW. Midnight Solar Classic chargers were used to charge batteries from energy produced from photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof. Aquion Aqeous Hybrid Ion batteries were used because of their high performance, safe and sustainable. The batteries contain no hazardous materials, require very little maintenance and can last between 20 and 25 years. The rooftop panels charge the system during the day and the energy is stored in the batteries for nighttime use.

In the event that the batteries need to be charged or the homeowner needs more electricity than the solar provides, a propane generator automatically turns on to charge the batteries, while simultaneously powering the household's energy needs. A Cummins Quiet Connect Series geneator was used for superior performance and quiet operation.


Home Owners

This is one of the first home owner's on Maui to disconnect from the utility on there own. The homeowners will never be without electricity even after a hurricane or power blackout. The system is designed to function automatically. The convenience comes at a price, with off-grid battery systems ranging from $50,000 to upward of $85,000. Financing options are available so the average household using 25 kilowatt hours to 28 kilowatt hours per day would pay about the same (monthly) as what the utility will charge.