Location: 830 West Golf Road, Schaumberg, IL

Owner: Patel Brothers

Completion: 2019

Estimated Construction Cost: $636,000

Project Summary

A new roof mounted 318KW photovoltaic system was installed at this grocery store.  A net energy  interconnection agreement with the utility(ComED) will allow the facility to get credit for any energy not used during the day.  Then they can use this credit toward night time energy charges. The system size was choosen to reduced cost and payback time.  No electrical distribution system upgrades were required.

Solar Edge SE 100K inverters were used. QCell 385WDC PV modules were installed on the roof with ballasted Unirack rack system.  No roof penetrations were required.

The expected yearly energy production of the PV system is about 390 MWHR.  The energy use of the facility is approximately 840 MWHR. The utility bill is expected to be reduced by approximately 46%.  To produce as much energy as the facility uses 350KW more of photovoltaic modules will be required.  These can be installed on carports in the parking lot.  These car ports can also provide rain and snow protection for people in the parking lot.  There are also large demand charges that can reduced by approximately 25% through the use of peak demand shaving batteries.

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