Zymantas Dentist Office

Location: 309 West Naperville Avenue, Naperville, IL

Owner: Dr. Kas Zymantas

Architect: Oppermann Architects, Naperville, IL

Completion: 2009

Estimated Construction Cost: $600,000


Project Scope

This building is a 2,500 SF dentist office. The interior is composed of procedural rooms, offices, and waiting rooms. The North and South sides of the building are served by separate high efficiency split system furnaces which are located in the lower level. Baseboard supply registers and ceiling returns where used. Code required outside air is provided by energy recovery units (ERU). Vacuum and air compressor pumps to serve operatory stations were located in the lower level. The building electrical needs are served by a 400A, 240/120V, 1P, 3W panel board located in the lower level.